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# Configure JTAG cable
# EM Starter Kit has built-in FT2232 chip, which is similar to Digilent HS-1.
adapter driver ftdi
ftdi_vid_pid 0x0403 0x6010
# channel 1 does not have any functionality
ftdi_channel 0
# just TCK TDI TDO TMS, no reset
ftdi_layout_init 0x0088 0x008b
reset_config none

# Only specify FTDI serial number if it is specified via
# "set _ZEPHYR_BOARD_SERIAL 12345" before reading this script
if { [info exists _ZEPHYR_BOARD_SERIAL] } {
       ftdi_serial $_ZEPHYR_BOARD_SERIAL

# EM11D reportedly requires 5 MHz. Other cores and board can work faster.
adapter speed 5000

# ARCs support only JTAG.
transport select jtag

# Configure FPGA. This script supports both LX45 and LX150.
source [find target/snps_em_sk_fpga.cfg]