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# Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 802.15.4 configuration options

# Copyright (c) 2017 Nordic Semiconductor ASA
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

menuconfig IEEE802154_NRF5
	bool "nRF52 series IEEE 802.15.4 Driver"
	depends on NETWORKING
	select NRF_802154_RADIO_DRIVER if HAS_HW_NRF_RADIO_IEEE802154
	select NRF_802154_SER_HOST if !HAS_HW_NRF_RADIO_IEEE802154

if IEEE802154_NRF5

config IEEE802154_NRF5_DRV_NAME
	string "nRF52 IEEE 802.15.4 Driver's name"
	default "IEEE802154_nrf5"
	  This option sets the driver name

config IEEE802154_NRF5_RX_STACK_SIZE
	int "Driver's internal RX thread stack size"
	default 800
	  This option sets the driver's stack size for its internal RX thread.
	  The default value should be sufficient, but in case it proves to be
	  a too little one, this option makes it easy to play with the size.

config IEEE802154_NRF5_INIT_PRIO
	int "nRF52 IEEE 802.15.4 initialization priority"
	default 80
	  Set the initialization priority number. Do not mess with it unless
	  you know what you are doing.

config IEEE802154_NRF5_EXT_IRQ_MGMT
	  The driver may manage radio IRQs by itself, or use an external
	  radio IRQ provider. When radio IRQs are managed by an external
	  provider, the driver shall not configure radio IRQs.

	  Enable this option when external radio IRQ provider is enabled in
	  the system. One example of external radio IRQ provider could be
	  a radio arbiter used in dynamic multiprotocol applications.

config IEEE802154_NRF5_UICR_EUI64_ENABLE
	bool "Enables using EUI64 value stored in UICR registers"
	depends on !IEEE802154_VENDOR_OUI_ENABLE
	  This option enables setting custom vendor EUI64 value
	  stored in User information configuration registers (UICR).
	  Notice that this disables the default setting of EUI64
	  value from Factory information configuration registers


config IEEE802154_NRF5_UICR_EUI64_REG
	int "UICR base register for the EUI64 value"
	range 0 30 if SOC_SERIES_NRF52X
	range 0 190 if SOC_SERIES_NRF53X
	default 0
	  Base of the two consecutive registers from the UICR customer
	  section in which custom EUI64 is stored.

endif # IEEE802154_NRF5_UICR_EUI64_ENABLE