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 * Copyright (c) 2017 Intel Corporation.
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

#include <toolchain.h>
#include <linker/sections.h>
#include <sw_isr_table.h>
#include <arch/cpu.h>

/* There is an additional member at the end populated by the linker script
 * which indicates the number of interrupts specified
struct int_list_header {
	uint32_t table_size;
	uint32_t offset;

/* These values are not included in the resulting binary, but instead form the
 * header of the initList section, which is used by to create
 * the vector and sw isr tables,
Z_GENERIC_SECTION(.irq_info) struct int_list_header _iheader = {
	.table_size = IRQ_TABLE_SIZE,

/* These are placeholder tables. They will be replaced by the real tables
 * generated by
 * z_irq_spurious is used as a placeholder value to ensure that it is not
 * optimized out in the first linker pass. The first linker pass must contain
 * the same symbols as the second linker pass for the code generation to work.

/* Some arches don't use a vector table, they have a common exception entry
 * point for all interrupts. Don't generate a table in this case.
/* When both the IRQ vector table and the software ISR table are used, populate
 * the IRQ vector table with the common software ISR by default, such that all
 * indirect interrupt vectors are handled using the software ISR table;
 * otherwise, populate the IRQ vector table with z_irq_spurious so that all
 * un-connected IRQ vectors end up in the spurious IRQ handler.
#define IRQ_VECTOR_TABLE_DEFAULT_ISR	_isr_wrapper
#define IRQ_VECTOR_TABLE_DEFAULT_ISR	z_irq_spurious

uintptr_t __irq_vector_table _irq_vector_table[IRQ_TABLE_SIZE] = {
	[0 ...(IRQ_TABLE_SIZE - 1)] = (uintptr_t)&IRQ_VECTOR_TABLE_DEFAULT_ISR,

/* If there are no interrupts at all, or all interrupts are of the 'direct'
 * type and bypass the _sw_isr_table, then do not generate one.
struct _isr_table_entry __sw_isr_table _sw_isr_table[IRQ_TABLE_SIZE] = {
	[0 ...(IRQ_TABLE_SIZE - 1)] = {(const void *)0x42,
				       (void *)&z_irq_spurious},