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 * Copyright (c) 2018 Intel Corporation
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0


 * Devices supporting Microsoft OS Descriptors store special string
 * descriptor at fixed index (0xEE). It is read when a new device is
 * attached to a computer for the first time.

struct usb_os_descriptor {
	uint8_t *string;
	size_t string_len;
	uint8_t vendor_code;

	uint8_t *compat_id;
	size_t compat_id_len;

int usb_handle_os_desc(struct usb_setup_packet *setup,
		       int32_t *len, uint8_t **data_buf);
int usb_handle_os_desc_feature(struct usb_setup_packet *setup,
			       int32_t *len, uint8_t **data_buf);
void usb_register_os_desc(struct usb_os_descriptor *desc);
bool usb_os_desc_enabled(void);
#define usb_os_desc_enabled(x)			false
#define usb_handle_os_desc(x, y, z)		-ENOTSUP
#define usb_handle_os_desc_feature(x, y, z)	-ENOTSUP
#define usb_register_os_desc(x)