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# Emulator configuration options

# Copyright 2020 Google LLC
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

# Emulator options
menuconfig EMUL
	bool "Emulation drivers"
	  Enable Emulation Driver Configuration
	  These drivers are used to emulate hardware devices, to support testing
	  of various subsystems. For example, it is possible to write an
	  emulator for an I2C compass such that it appears on the I2C bus and
	  can be used just like a real hardware device.

	  Emulators often implement special features for testing. For example
	  a compass may support returning bogus data if the I2C bus speed is
	  too high, or may return invalid measurements if calibration has not
	  yet been completed. This allows for testing that high-level code can
	  handle these situations correctly. Test coverage can therefore
	  approach 100% if all failure conditions are emulated.


	int "Init priority"
	default 60
	  Emulation device driver initialisation priority.

module = EMUL
module-str = emul
source "subsys/logging/Kconfig.template.log_config"

config EMUL_BMI160
	bool "Emulate a Bosch BMI160 accelerometer"
	  This is an emulator for the Bosch BMI160 accelerometer.

	  It provides readings which follow a simple sequence, thus allowing
	  test code to check that things are working as expected.

	  It supports both I2C and SPI which is why it is not in one of the
	  i2c/ or spi/ directories.

source "subsys/emul/i2c/Kconfig"
source "subsys/emul/spi/Kconfig"
source "subsys/emul/espi/Kconfig"