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 * Copyright (c) 2019 BayLibre SAS
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0


 * Some gcc versions and/or configurations as found in the Zephyr SDK
 * (questionably) define __INT32_TYPE__ and derrivatives as a long int
 * which makes the printf format checker to complain about long vs int
 * mismatch when %u is given a u32_t argument, and u32_t pointers not
 * being compatible with int pointers. Let's redefine them to follow
 * common expectations and usage.

#if __SIZEOF_INT__ != 4
#error "unexpected int width"

#undef __INT32_TYPE__
#undef __UINT32_TYPE__
#undef __INT_LEAST32_TYPE__
#undef __UINT_LEAST32_TYPE__
#define __INT32_TYPE__ int
#define __UINT32_TYPE__ unsigned int
#define __INT_LEAST32_TYPE__ __INT32_TYPE__
#define __UINT_LEAST32_TYPE__ __UINT32_TYPE__

 * The confusion also exists with __INTPTR_TYPE__ which is either an int
 * (even when __INT32_TYPE__ is a long int) or a long int. Let's redefine
 * it to a long int to get some uniformity. Doing so also makes it compatible
 * with LP64 (64-bit) targets where a long is always 64-bit wide.

#error "unexpected size difference between pointers and long ints"

#undef __INTPTR_TYPE__
#undef __UINTPTR_TYPE__
#define __INTPTR_TYPE__ long int
#define __UINTPTR_TYPE__ long unsigned int