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 * Copyright (c) 2016 Intel Corporation
 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

#include <kernel.h>
#include <arch/cpu.h>
#include <kernel_structs.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <logging/log_ctrl.h>

FUNC_NORETURN void z_nios2_fatal_error(unsigned int reason,
				       const z_arch_esf_t *esf)
	if (esf != NULL) {
		/* Subtract 4 from EA since we added 4 earlier so that the
		 * faulting instruction isn't retried.
		 * TODO: Only caller-saved registers get saved upon exception
		 * entry.  We may want to introduce a config option to save and
		 * dump all registers, at the expense of some stack space.
		z_fatal_print("Faulting instruction: 0x%08x", esf->instr - 4);
		z_fatal_print("  r1: 0x%08x  r2: 0x%08x  r3: 0x%08x  r4: 0x%08x",
			      esf->r1, esf->r2, esf->r3, esf->r4);
		z_fatal_print("  r5: 0x%08x  r6: 0x%08x  r7: 0x%08x  r8: 0x%08x",
			      esf->r5, esf->r6, esf->r7, esf->r8);
		z_fatal_print("  r9: 0x%08x r10: 0x%08x r11: 0x%08x r12: 0x%08x",
			      esf->r9, esf->r10, esf->r11, esf->r12);
		z_fatal_print(" r13: 0x%08x r14: 0x%08x r15: 0x%08x  ra: 0x%08x",
			      esf->r13, esf->r14, esf->r15, esf->ra);
		z_fatal_print("estatus: %08x", esf->estatus);

	z_fatal_error(reason, esf);

	(defined(CONFIG_PRINTK) || defined(CONFIG_LOG)) \
static char *cause_str(u32_t cause_code)
	switch (cause_code) {
	case 0:
		return "reset";
	case 1:
		return "processor-only reset request";
	case 2:
		return "interrupt";
	case 3:
		return "trap";
	case 4:
		return "unimplemented instruction";
	case 5:
		return "illegal instruction";
	case 6:
		return "misaligned data address";
	case 7:
		return "misaligned destination address";
	case 8:
		return "division error";
	case 9:
		return "supervisor-only instruction address";
	case 10:
		return "supervisor-only instruction";
	case 11:
		return "supervisor-only data address";
	case 12:
		return "TLB miss";
	case 13:
		return "TLB permission violation (execute)";
	case 14:
		return "TLB permission violation (read)";
	case 15:
		return "TLB permission violation (write)";
	case 16:
		return "MPU region violation (instruction)";
	case 17:
		return "MPU region violation (data)";
	case 18:
		return "ECC TLB error";
	case 19:
		return "ECC fetch error (instruction)";
	case 20:
		return "ECC register file error";
	case 21:
		return "ECC data error";
	case 22:
		return "ECC data cache writeback error";
	case 23:
		return "bus instruction fetch error";
	case 24:
		return "bus data region violation";
		return "unknown";

FUNC_NORETURN void _Fault(const z_arch_esf_t *esf)
#if defined(CONFIG_PRINTK) || defined(CONFIG_LOG)
	/* Unfortunately, completely unavailable on Nios II/e cores */
	u32_t exc_reg, badaddr_reg, eccftl;
	enum nios2_exception_cause cause;

	exc_reg = z_nios2_creg_read(NIOS2_CR_EXCEPTION);

	/* Bit 31 indicates potentially fatal ECC error */
	eccftl = (exc_reg & NIOS2_EXCEPTION_REG_ECCFTL_MASK) != 0U;

	/* Bits 2-6 contain the cause code */
	cause = (exc_reg & NIOS2_EXCEPTION_REG_CAUSE_MASK)

	z_fatal_print("Exception cause: %d ECCFTL: 0x%x", cause, eccftl);
	z_fatal_print("reason: %s", cause_str(cause));
		badaddr_reg = z_nios2_creg_read(NIOS2_CR_BADADDR);
		z_fatal_print("Badaddr: 0x%x", badaddr_reg);

	z_nios2_fatal_error(K_ERR_CPU_EXCEPTION, esf);

FUNC_NORETURN void z_arch_system_halt(unsigned int reason)