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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 */

	/* We need to reserve room for the gperf generated hash functions.
	 * Fortunately, unlike the data tables, the size of the code is
	 * reasonably predictable.
	 * The linker will error out complaining that the location pointer
	 * is moving backwards if the reserved room isn't large enough.
	_kobject_text_area_start = .;
	_kobject_text_area_end = .;
	_kobject_text_area_used = _kobject_text_area_end - _kobject_text_area_start;
#ifndef LINKER_PASS2
	PROVIDE(z_object_gperf_find = .);
	PROVIDE(z_object_gperf_wordlist_foreach = .);
	PROVIDE(z_object_find = .);
	PROVIDE(z_object_wordlist_foreach = .);

	/* In a valid build the MAX function will always evaluate to the
	second argument below, but to give the user a good error message
	when the area overflows we need to temporarily corrupt the
	location counter, and then detect the overflow with an assertion
	later on. */

	. = MAX(., _kobject_text_area_start + CONFIG_KOBJECT_TEXT_AREA);

		CONFIG_KOBJECT_TEXT_AREA >= _kobject_text_area_used,
"The configuration system has incorrectly set
CONFIG_KOBJECT_TEXT_AREA, which is not big enough. You must
through Kconfig either disable 'CONFIG_USERSPACE', or set
'CONFIG_KOBJECT_TEXT_AREA' to a value larger than