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How to introduce a new version of stm32cube:

Original STM32Cube tree structure has been modified to a minimum
structure for a better fit into Zephyr.
STM32Cube is divided into drivers and soc section, with:

       include/ contains Cube HAL/LL files from:
       src/ contains:
soc/ contains STM32 CMSIS files from

One file needs to be renamed:

In order to enjoy ST CMSIS definitions:
    *CONFIG_HAS_STM32CUBE should be defined
    *stm32yyxx.h should be included in soc.h
       **E.g.: #include <stm32f1xx.h>

In order to use STM32Cube HAL, these files should be compiled:
In /ext/hal/st/stm32cube/Kbuild :
obj-y += stm32yyxx/drivers/src/stm32yyxx_hal.o
obj-y += stm32yyxx/drivers/src/stm32yyxx_hal_rcc.o
obj-y += stm32yyxx/soc/system_stm32yyxx.o
Plus add HAL driver file (when needed):
obj-$(CONFIG_SERIAL_HAS_DRIVER) += stm32yyxx/drivers/src/stm32yyxx_hal_uart.o

Additionally, in order to use STM32Cube LL (when needed):
    *include stm32yyxx_ll_usart.h in soc.h
       **E.g.: #include <stm32f1xx_ll_usart.h>