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PWM: Blink LED


This is a sample app which blinks a LED using PWM.

The LED will start at a blinking frequency of 0.5Hz. Every 4 seconds,
the blinking frequency will double. When the blinking frequency
reaches 500Hz, the blinking frequency will be halved every 4 seconds
until the blinking frequency reaches 0.5Hz. This completes a whole
blinking cycle. From now on, the LED will repeat the blinking cycle
for ever.


Arduino 101 and Quark D2000 CRB
You will need to connect the LED to ground and PWM0 via the shield.
You may need a current limiting resistor. See your LED datasheet.

Nucleo_F401RE and Nucleo_L476RG
Connect PWM2(PA0) to LED

Connect PWM1(PA8) to LED

Building and Running

This sample can be built for multiple boards, in this example we will build it
for the arduino_101 board:

.. code-block:: console

   $ cd samples/basic/blink_led
   $ make BOARD=arduino_101
   $ make BOARD=arduino_101 flash

After flashing the image to the board, the user LED on the board should start to
blinking as discussed in overview