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Bluetooth subsystem

= Building =

Build samples

$ make -C samples/bluetooth/<app>

= Bluetooth Sample application =

Host Bluetooth controller is connected to the second qemu serial line
through a UNIX socket (qemu option -serial unix:/tmp/bt-server-bredr).
This option is already added to qemu through QEMU_EXTRA_FLAGS in Makefile.

On the host side BlueZ allows to "connect" Bluetooth controller through
a so-called user channel. Use the btproxy tool for that:

$ sudo tools/btproxy -u
Listening on /tmp/bt-server-bredr

Note that before calling btproxy make sure that Bluetooth controller is down.

Now running qemu result connecting second serial line to 'bt-server-bredr'
UNIX socket. When Bluetooth (CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) and Bluetooth HCI UART driver
(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_H4) are enabled, Bluetooth driver registers to the system.
From now on Bluetooth might be used by the application. To run application in
the qemu run:

$ make qemu

= Bluetooth sanity check =

There is smoke test application in nanokernel and microkernel test
directories which gets run in sanity check script:

$ scripts/sanity_chk/sanitycheck [-P <platform>]

To only run Bluetooth tests use the -t bluetooth switch:

$ scripts/sanity_chk/sanitycheck -t bluetooth

= Summary of available applications =

        A simple application demonstrating the BLE Broadcaster role
        functionality by advertising an Eddystone URL (the Zephyr

        Application demonstrating very basic BLE Central role
        functionality by scanning for other BLE devices and establishing
        a connection to the first one with a strong enough signal.

        Similar to 'central', except that this application specifically
        looks for heart-rate monitors and reports the heart-rate
        readings once connected.

        Application demostrating Eddystone Configuration Service:

        Not an application, but a set of reusable modules for common
        GATT profiles & services.

        Application demonstrating the IPSP (Internet Protocol Support
        Profile) Node role. IPSP is the Bluetooth profile that
        underneath utilizes 6LoWPAN, i.e. gives you IPv6 connectivity
        over BLE.

        Application demonstrating the BLE Peripheral role. It has
        several well-known and vendor-specific GATT services that it

        Similar to 'peripheral', except that this application
        specifically exposes the CSC (Cycling Speed and Cadence)
        GATT Service.

        Similar to 'peripheral', except that this application
        specifically exposes the DIS (Device Information) GATT Service.

        Similar to 'peripheral', except that this application
        specifically exposes the ESP (Environmental Sensing Profile)
        GATT Service.

        Similar to 'peripheral', except that this application
        specifically exposes the HR (Heart Rate) GATT Service. Once a
        device connects it will generate dummy heart-rate values.