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.. _apps_build:

Build an Application

The build process unifies all components of the application into
a coherent application image that can be run on both simulated and real
hardware targets.

.. _building_base:

Building a Base Application

Build a base application image to test functionality in a simulated
environment and to ultimately run on your hardware target. Before
building, keep in mind the following:

* Each source code directory and sub-directory needs a directory-specific

* The :envvar:`$(ZEPHYR_BASE)` environment variable must be set for each
  console terminal as outlined in :ref:`apps_common_procedures`.

To build the image, navigate to the :file:`~/appDir`. From here you can
build an image for a single target with :command:`make`.

.. _developing_app:

Developing the Application

The app development process works best when changes are continually tested.
Frequently rebuilding with :command:`make` makes debugging less painful
as your application becomes more complex. It's usually a good idea to
rebulild and test after any major changes to source files, Makefiles,
.conf, or .mdef.

.. important::

   The Zephyr build system rebuilds only the parts of the application image
   potentially affected by the changes; as such, the application may rebuild
   significantly faster than it did when it was first built.

Recovering from Build Failure

Sometimes the build system doesn't rebuild the application correctly
because it fails to recompile one or more necessary files. You can force
the build system to rebuild the entire application from scratch with the
following procedure:

#. Navigate to the application directory :file:`~/appDir`.

#. Run :command:`$ make clean`, or manually delete the generated files,
   including the :file:`.config` file.

#. Run :command:`$ make pristine`.

#. Optionally, override the values specified in the application’s :file:`.conf`
   file by specifying the kernel configuration option settings needed.

#. Run :command:`$ make menuconfig`.

#. Rebuild the application normally. Run :command:`$ make`