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Elixir Cross Referencer

Application implementing 802.15.4 "serial-radio" protocol.

How to use:

1. Build and flash Zephyr application to Quark board with 802.15.4 radio,
   at the moment CC2520 radio is supported.
2. Connect board to Linux PC, /dev/ttyACM[number] should appear
3. Run Contiki-based native border router (6lbr, native-router, etc)
     Example for Contiki:
     $ cd examples/ipv6/native-border-router
     $ make
     $ sudo ./border-router.native -v5 -s ttyACM0 fd01::1/64

Now you have Contiki native border router, simple web server should show some
802.15.4 devices. Web server address is printed in the border-router output
Server IPv6 addresses:
 0x62c5c0: =>fd01::212:4b00:531f:113a
Go to http://[fd01::212:4b00:531f:113a]/

It shall show you Neighbors and Routes.

PS: Make sure your disto ModemManager is disabled, otherwise it sends AT commands
to our device ;)

$ sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service