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.. _bluetooth-ibeacon-sample:

Bluetooth: iBeacon


This simple application demonstrates the BLE Broadcaster role
functionality by advertising an Apple iBeacon. The calibrated RSSI @ 1
meter distance can be set using an IBEACON_RSSI build variable
(e.g. IBEACON_RSSI=0xb8 for -72 dBm RSSI @ 1 meter), or by manually
editing the default value in the ``main.c`` file.

Because of the hard-coded values of iBeacon UUID, major, and minor,
the application is not suitable for production use, but is quite
convenient for quick demonstrations of iBeacon functionality.


* A board with Bluetooth LE support, or
* QEMU with BlueZ running on the host

Building and Running

This sample can be found under :zephyr_file:`samples/bluetooth/ibeacon` in the
Zephyr tree.

See :ref:`bluetooth samples section <bluetooth-samples>` for details on how
to run the sample inside QEMU.

For other boards, build and flash the application as follows:

.. zephyr-app-commands::
   :zephyr-app: samples/bluetooth/ibeacon
   :board: <board>
   :goals: flash

Refer to your :ref:`board's documentation <boards>` for alternative
flash instructions if your board doesn't support the ``flash`` target.