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# Kconfig.esp32 - ESP32 I2C configuration options
# Copyright (c) 2017 Intel Corporation
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

menuconfig I2C_ESP32
	bool "ESP32 I2C"
	depends on SOC_ESP32
	select GPIO_ESP32
	  Enables the ESP32 I2C driver

if I2C_ESP32

config I2C_ESP32_TIMEOUT
	int "I2C timeout to receive a data bit in APB clock cycles"
	default 200000

if I2C_0

config I2C_0_DEFAULT_CFG
	# Standard speed, master
	default 0x12

config I2C_ESP32_0_TX_LSB_FIRST
	bool "Port 0 Transmit LSB first"

config I2C_ESP32_0_RX_LSB_FIRST
	bool "Port 0 Receive LSB first"

config I2C_ESP32_0_IRQ
	int "Port 0 IRQ line"
	default 8

config I2C_ESP32_0_SCL_PIN
	int "Port 0 SCL pin"
	default 2

config I2C_ESP32_0_SDA_PIN
	int "Port 0 SDA pin"
	default 4

endif # I2C_0

if I2C_1

config I2C_1_DEFAULT_CFG
	# Standard speed, master
	default 0x12

config I2C_ESP32_1_TX_LSB_FIRST
	bool "Port 1 Transmit LSB first"

config I2C_ESP32_1_RX_LSB_FIRST
	bool "Port 1 Receive LSB first"

config I2C_ESP32_1_IRQ
	int "Port 1 IRQ line"
	default 9

config I2C_ESP32_1_SCL_PIN
	int "Port 1 SCL pin"
	default 5

config I2C_ESP32_1_SDA_PIN
	int "Port 1 SDA pin"
	default 18

endif # I2C_1

endif # I2C_ESP32