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Elixir Cross Referencer

# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

config ARCH
	default "x86_64"

config XUK_DEBUG
	bool "Debug logging at lowest level"
	  When true, enables debug logging from the XUK layer in very
	  early boot situations (including the 16 and 32 bit stub
	  code) on the first serial port (115200 8n1) and VGA text
	  console.  Also wires that output stream to the printk()
	  function so it can be used before any console drivers are

	int "Power-of-two divisor between TSC and APIC timer"
	default 6
	  Configures the precision of the APIC timer as a bit shift of
	  the TSC frequency.  High values "slow down" the tick rate of
	  the APIC timer and allow for longer timeouts at the expense
	  of precision.

	int "Interrupt vector for irq_offload"
	default 255
	  This is the interrupt vector to use for the self-directed
	  IPIs used to implement irq_offload().  Most apps will never
	  change this.  It's configurable in case someone wants to
	  play with its priority.