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# Kconfig - CAN configuration options

# Copyright (c) 2018 Alexander Wachter
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

# CAN options
menuconfig CAN
	bool "CAN Drivers"
	  Enable CAN Driver Configuration

if CAN

	int "CAN driver log level"
	depends on SYS_LOG
	default 0
	range 0 4
	  Sets log level for CAN Device Drivers.
	  Levels are:
	  0 OFF, do not write
	  1 ERROR, only write SYS_LOG_ERR
	  2 WARNING, write SYS_LOG_WRN in addition to previous level
	  3 INFO, write SYS_LOG_INF in addition to previous levels
	  4 DEBUG, write SYS_LOG_DBG in addition to previous levels

	int "CAN driver init priority"
	default 80
	  CAN device driver initialization priority.
	  Do not mess with it unless you know what you are doing.
	  Note that the priority needs to be lower than the net stack
	  so that it can start before the networking sub-system.

config CAN_1
	bool "Enable CAN 1"
	default y
	  Enable CAN controller 1

source "drivers/can/Kconfig.stm32"

endif # CAN