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.. _zephyr_release_notes:

Release Notes

Zephyr project is provided as source code and build scripts for different
target architectures and configurations, and not as a binary image. Updated
versions of the Zephyr project are released approximately every three-months.

All Zephyr project source code is maintained in a `GitHub repository`_;
you can either download source as a tar.gz file (see the bottom of the
`GitHub tagged releases`_ page corresponding to each release), or use
Git clone and checkout commands, such as:

.. code-block:: shell

   git clone
   cd zephyr
   git checkout tags/v1.11.0

The project's technical documentation is also tagged to correspond with a
specific release and can be found at

Zephyr Kernel Releases

.. toctree::
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.. _`GitHub repository`:
.. _`GitHub tagged releases`: