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.. _zephyr_1.10:

Zephyr Kernel 1.10.0

DRAFT: We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr kernel version 1.10.0.

Major enhancements with this release include:

* Integration with MCUBOOT Bootloader
* Additional implementation of MMU/MPU support
* Build and Configuration System (CMake)
* Newtron Flash Filesystem (NFFS) Support
* Increased testsuite coverage

The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.


* Remove deprecated k_mem_pool_defrag code
* Add the following application-facing memory domain APIs:
  * k_mem_domain_init() - to initialize a memory domain
  * k_mem_domain_destroy() - to destroy a memory domain
  * k_mem_domain_add_partition() - to add a partition into a domain
  * k_mem_domain_remove_partition() - to remove a partition from a domain
  * k_mem_domain_add_thread() - to add a thread into a domain
  * k_mem_domain_remove_thread() - to remove a thread from a domain
* add k_calloc() which uses kernel heap to implement traditional calloc()
* Introduce object validation mechanism: All system calls made from userspace
  which involve pointers to kernel objects (including device drivers) will need
  to have those pointers validated; userspace must never be able to crash the
  kernel by passing it garbage.


* nrf52: Add support for LOW_POWER state and SYSTEM_OFF
* Architecture specific memory domain APIs added
* Added support for the following ARM SoCs:

  * NXP i.MX RT1052
  * Silabs EFM32WG
  * STM F0
  * TI MSP432P4xx


* Power Management for nrf52 series SOC
* Added support for the following ARM boards:

  * 96b_neonkey
  * efm32wg_stk3800
  * mimxrt1050_evk
  * msp_exp432p401r_launchxl
  * nucleo_f030r8
  * nucleo_f091rc
  * stm32f411e_disco
  * stm32f412g_disco
  * stm32l476g_disco
  * usb_kw24d512

Drivers and Sensors

* timer: Add Support for TICKLESS KERNEL in xtensa_sys_timer
* Rename `random` to `entropy`


* HTTP API changed to use net-app API. Old HTTP API is deprecated.
* Loopback network interface support added. This is used in testing only.
* LWM2M multi-fragment network packet support added.
* New CoAP library implementation which supports longer network packets.
* Old ZoAP library deprecated.
* mDNS (multicast DNS) support added.
* SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) client library added.
* Various fixes for: TCP, RPL, ARP, DNS, LWM2M, Ethernet, net-app API, Network
  shell, BSD socket API
* Network management API fixes.
* Networking sample application fixes.
* 6lo IPv6 header compression fixes.
* IEEE 802.15.4 generic fixes.
* IEEE 802.15.4 mcr20a driver fixes.
* IEEE 802.15.4 kw41z driver fixes.
* IEEE 802.15.4 nrf5 driver fixes.


* Multiple qualification-related fixes for Bluetooth Mesh
* Support for Bluetooth Mesh Friend Node role
* Support for Bluetooth Mesh Foundation Client Models
* New Bluetooth Mesh shell module and test application
* Support for PA/LNA amplifiers in the BLE Controller
* Support for additional VS commands in the BLE Controller
* Multiple stability fixes for the BLE Controller

Build and Infrastructure

* The Zephyr project has migrated to CMake, an important step in a
  larger effort to make Zephyr easier to use for application developers
  working on different platforms with different development environment
  needs.  This change retains Kconfig as-is, and replaces all Makefiles
  with corresponding CMakeLists.txt.  The DSL-like Make language that
  KBuild offers is replaced by a set of CMake extensions that provide
  either simple one-to-one translations of KBuild features or introduce
  new concepts that replace KBuild concepts. Please re-read the Getting
  Started guide
  with updated instructions for setting up and developing on your host-OS.
  You *will* need to port your own out-of-tree scripts and Makefiles to

Libraries / Subsystems

* The implementation for sys_rand32_get() function has been moved to a new
  "random" subsystem. There are new implementations for this function, one based
  in the Xoroshift128+ PRNG (using a hardware number generator to seed), and
  another that obtains random numbers directly from a hardware number generator
  driver. Hardware number generator drivers have been moved to a
  "drivers/entropy" directory; these drivers only expose the interface provided
  by include/entropy.h.
* TinyCrypt updated to version 0.2.8


* Add Altera HAL for support NIOS-II boards
* Add mcux 2.3.0 for mimxrt1051 and mimxrt1052
* stm32cube: HAL/LL static library for stm32f0xx v.1.9.
* Add support for STM32 family USB driver
* Add Silabs Gecko SDK for EFM32WG SoCs
* Simplelink: Update cc32xx SDK to version


* Missing API documentation caused by doxygen subgroups and missing
  Sphinx directives now included.
* Note added to release doc pages mentioning more current content could
  be available from the master branch version of the documentation.
* Documentation updated to use CMake (vs. Make) in all examples.
* Getting Started Guide material updated to include CMake dependencies
  and build instructions.
* Instead of hiding all expected warnings from the document build
  process (there are some known doxygen/sphinx issues), the build
  now outputs all warnings, and then reports
  if any new/unexpected warnings or errors were detected.
* Obsolete V1 to V2 porting material removed.
* Continued updates to documentation for new board support, new samples,
  and new features.
* Integration of documentation with new website

Tests and Samples

* Benchmarking: cleanup of the benchmarking code
* Add userspace protection tests
* Move all tests to ztest and cleanup coding style and formatting

Issue Related Items

.. comment  List derived from Jira/GitHub Issue query: ...

* :jira:`ZEP-248` - reference a (public) Jira issue
* :github:`1234` - reference a GitHub issue