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Elixir Cross Referencer

Manager hierarchy

Service		org.ofono.dundee
Interface	org.ofono.dundee.Manager
Object path	/

Methods		array{object,dict} GetDevices()

			Get an array of device objects and properties
			that represent the currently attached devices.

			This method call should only be used once when an
			application starts up. Further device additions
			and removal shall be monitored via DeviceAdded and
			DeviceRemoved signals.

Signals		DeviceAdded(object path, dict properties)

			Signal that is sent when a new device is added.  It
			contains the object path of new device and its

		DeviceRemoved(object path)

			Signal that is sent when a device has been removed.
			The object path is no longer accessible after this
			signal and only emitted for reference.

Device hierarchy

Service		org.ofono.dundee
Interface	org.ofono.dundee.Device
Object path	/{device0,device1,...}

Methods		dict GetProperties()

			Returns properties for the device object. See
			the properties section for available properties.

		void SetProperty(string property, variant value)

			Changes the value of the specified property. Only
			properties that are listed as readwrite are
			changeable. On success a PropertyChanged signal
			will be emitted.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.Timedout

Signals		PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)

			This signal indicates a changed value of the given

Properties	string Name [readonly]

			Friendly name of the device.

		boolean Active [readwrite]

			Holds whether the device is connected. A
			connection will be established when this value
			is set to true. A existing connection will be
			teared down when set to false.

		dict Settings [readonly]

			Holds all the IP network settings.

			string Interface [readonly, optional]

				Holds the interface of the network interface
				used by this connection (e.g. "ppp0" "usb0")

			string Address [readonly, optional]

				Holds the IP address for this connection.

			array{string} DomainNameServers [readonly, optional]

				Holds the list of domain name servers for this