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This document specifies the AT command set used in the bluetooth ofono plugins.

Bluetooth Dial-up Networking Profile Features Description
(Ref. document: Dial-up Networking Profile - Bluetooth specification version 1.1 - 22 February 2001)

	&C	Circuit 109 (DCD) Control
	&D	Circuit 108 (DTR) Response
	&F	Set to Factory Defined Configuration
	+GCAP	Request Complete Capabilities List
	+GMI	Request Manufacturer Identification
	+GMM	Read Model Identification
	+GMR	Read Revision Identification
	A	Answer Incoming Call
	D	Dial
	E	Command Echo
	H	Hang Up
	L	Monitor Speaker Loudness
	M	Monitor Speaker Control
	O	Return to Online Data Mode
	P	Select Pulse Dialling
	Q	Result Code Suppression
	S0	Automatic Answer Control
	S10	Automatic Disconnect Delay Control
	S3	Command Line Termination Character
	S4	Response Formatting Character
	S5	Command Line Editing Character (BACKSPACE)
	S6	Blind Dial Delay Control
	S7	Connection Completion Timeout
	S8	Comma Dial Modifier Delay Control
	T	Select Tone Dialling
	V	DCE Response Format
	X	Call Progress Monitoring Control
	Z	Reset to Default Configuration

Result codes:
	OK		Acknowledge execution of a command
	CONNECT		Connection has been established
	RING		The DCE has detected an incoming call signal from the
	NO CARRIER	The connection has been terminated, or attempt to
			establish a connection failed
	ERROR		Error
	NO DIALTONE	No dial-tone detected
	BUSY		Busy signal detected