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Message Manager hierarchy

Service		org.ofono
Interface	org.ofono.MessageManager
Object path	[variable prefix]/{modem0,modem1,...}

Methods		dict GetProperties()

			Returns properties for the manager object. See
			the properties section for available properties.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InProgress

		array{object,dict} GetMessages()

			Get an array of message object paths and properties
			that represents the currently pending messages.

			This method call should only be used once when an
			application starts up.  Further message additions
			and removal shall be monitored via MessageAdded and
			MessageRemoved signals.

		void SetProperty(string name, variant value)

			Changes the value of the specified property. Only
			properties that are listed as readwrite are
			changeable. On success a PropertyChanged signal
			will be emitted.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InProgress

		object SendMessage(string to, string text)

			Send the message in text to the number in to.  If the
			message could be queued successfully, this method
			returns an object path to the created Message object.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments

Signals		PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)

			This signal indicates a changed value of the given

		ImmediateMessage(string message, dict info)

			New immediate (class 0) SMS received. Info has Sender,
			LocalSentTime, and SentTime information.  Sender
			address is given in string format.  LocalSentTime and
			SentTime are given in string form using ISO8601 format.

		IncomingMessage(string message, dict info)

			New incoming text SMS received. Info has Sender,
			LocalSentTime, and SentTime information.

		MessageAdded(object path, dict properties)

			This signal is emitted whenever a new Message object
			has been created.

		MessageRemoved(object path)

			This signal is emitted whenever a Message object
			has been removed, e.g. when it reaches a final state.

Properties	string ServiceCenterAddress

			Contains the number of the SMS service center.

		boolean UseDeliveryReports

			This property controls whether SMS Status Reports,
			sometimes better known as Delivery Reports are to be
			used.  If enabled, all outgoing SMS messages will be
			flagged to request a status report from the SMSC.

		string Bearer

			Contains the bearer to use for SMS messages.  Possible
			values are:
				"cs-only" - Circuit Switched only
				"ps-only" - Packet Domain only
				"cs-preferred" - Use PS if CS is unavailable
				"ps-preferred" - Use CS if PS is unavailable

			By default oFono uses "cs-preferred" setting.

		string Alphabet

			Contains the alphabet setting for outgoing SMSs.
			Possible values are:

				"default" - Default GSM alphabet
				"turkish" - Turkish alphabet
				"spanish" - Spanish alphabet
				"portuguese" - Portuguese alphabet

			The standard, language-specific alphabets are defined
			in 3GPP TS23.038, Annex A.  By default, oFono uses
			the "default" setting.