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oFono - Open Source Telephony

The purpose of this document is to identify issues and configuration
requirements with Telit's modems.


  To enable location reporting on the Telit HE910 the modem needs to be
  switched to Port Configuration #8. Please refer to Telit's
  'HE910 UE910 Family Ports Arrangements' section 4.1.3 for rationale and
  'AT Commands Reference Guide' section for specific AT command.
  After setting the configuration, a power cycle is required.
  Port Configiuration #8 is available since firmware 12.00.004. Firmware version
  can be checked using 'AT+CGMR'.

LE910 V2

Default USB composition of LE910V2 uses PID 0x36 (AT#PORTCFG=0)
and consists of 6 serial ports (CDC-ACM standard, /dev/ttyACMx)
and 1 network adapter using CDC-NCM standard (wwanx or usbx).

NCM interface configuration follows Telit documentation
(both documents available on Telit Download Zone - registration required)
"GE/HE/UE910, UL865, LE910 V2 Linux USB Driver - User Guide r0"
(document 1VV0301255 Rev.0 - 2016-01-22)
and "Telit LE910-V2 NCM SETUP r3"
(document 1VV0301246 Rev.3 - 2016-11-29).

After context is setup, NCM mode activated and PDP context activated
connection configuration can be read using
AT+CGPADDR=context_id and AT+CGCONTRDP=context_id commands.
This is done automatically and results available via
org.ofono.ConnectionContext.GetProperties DBus method.

Then Linux network interface needs to be configured:
    ifconfig <Interface> <Address> netmask <Netmask> up
    route add default gw <Gateway>
    arp -s <Gateway> 11:22:33:44:55:66

Only after these steps network interface is usable.