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LongTermEvolution Hierarchy

Service		org.ofono
Interface	org.ofono.LongTermEvolution
Object path	[variable prefix]/{modem0,modem1,...}

Methods		dict GetProperties()

			Returns all LongTermEvolution configuration properties.

		void SetProperty(string property, variant value)

			Changes the value of the specified property. Only
			properties that are listed as readwrite are
			changeable. On success a PropertyChanged signal
			will be emitted.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InProgress

Signals		PropertyChanged(string property, variant value)

			This signal indicates a changed value of the given

Properties	string DefaultAccessPointName [readwrite]

			On LongTermEvolution, contexts activate automatically.
			This property allows selection of an APN to be used on
			next automatic activation.

			Setting this property to an empty string clears the
			default APN from the modem.