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Elixir Cross Referencer

ver 0.9:
	Fix issues with voice call dialing logic.
	Fix issues with USSD decoding support.
	Add initial GPRS support for MBM modems.
	Add mode property to network registration.
	Add support for advanced options in modem.conf file.
	Add voice call driver for Bluetooth Handsfree.

ver 0.8:
	Fix crash when internal structures differ.
	Fix issues with handling empty text messages.
	Add driver model for TTY multiplexer support.
	Add support for multiplexer usage with Calypso modems.
	Add support for PhoNet/ISI call barring, forwarding and waiting.
	Add support for PhoNet/ISI voice call handling.

ver 0.7:
	Fix handling of empty SMS text messages.
	Fix GAtChat's next_hexstring to handle optional quotes.
	Fix generic SIM driver to work correctly with 3G SIM cards.
	Add utility functions to parse 2G and 3G get response data.
	Add call volume interface to adjust speaker and mic volume.
	Add support for basic elementary file database.

ver 0.6:
	Fix build issue with example history plugin.
	Fix segmentation fault from SIM reading on Calypso modem.
	Add more scripts for SMS and voice call testing.

ver 0.5:
	Fix reading of left overs in ME storage on startup.
	Fix parsing of Enhanced Voicemail notifications.
	Add reading of various CBS related EFs.
	Add ability to expire PLMN wide messages.
	Add support for national language variants.
	Add support for PIN and PUK handling.
	Add support for TI Calypso modem.
	Add initial support for Novatel based devices.
	Add initial support for Huawei based devices.
	Add initial support for Option HSO based devices.
	Add initial support for TTY multiplexing.

ver 0.4:
	Add atom framework and update all drivers.
	Add support for modem driver framework.
	Add support for static modem configuration.
	Add support for specialized phone simulator driver.
	Add support for HTC G1 modem devices.
	Add support for Ericsson MBM devices.
	Add support for AT command PDU listing.
	Add support for low-level PhoNet/ISI pipe endpoints.
	Add support for full non-recursive build.

ver 0.3:
	Fix support for phonebook reading.
	Fix some issues with network registration.
	Fix some issues with MSISDN handling.
	Fix some issues with SIM storage support.
	Add caching for EF-PNN and EF-OPL SIM files.
	Add support for SIM ADN type number handling.
	Add support for tracking message waiting indications.
	Add support for user-provided AT parsers.
	Add initial drafts of API documentation.

ver 0.2:
	Add more detailed handling for network names.
	Add character set support for phonebook.
	Add SIM file reading and writing utilities.
	Add experimental support for MT incoming SMS store.
	Add special support for ti_calypso based devices.

ver 0.1:
	Initial public release.