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CDMA Connection Manager hierarchy [experimental]

Service		org.ofono
Interface	org.ofono.cdma.ConnectionManager
Object path	[variable]

Methods		dict GetProperties()

			Returns all global system properties. See the
			properties section for available properties.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments

		void SetProperty(string property, variant value)

			Sets the property to a desired value

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments

Signals		PropertyChanged(string property, variant value)

			This signal indicates a changed value of the given

Properties	boolean Powered [readwrite]

			Controls whether the CDMA data connection is

		boolean Dormant [readonly]

			Contains whether the connection is dormant.  Will
			always be false if the connection is not powered.

		dict Settings [readonly, optional]

			Holds all the IP network settings

			string Interface [readonly, optional]

				Holds the interface of the network interface
				used by this context (e.g. "ppp0" "usb0")

			string Method [readonly, optional]

				Holds the IP network config method
					"static"- Set IP network statically
					"dhcp"  - Set IP network through DHCP

			string Address [readonly, optional]

				Holds the IP address for this context.

			string Netmask [readonly, optional]

				Holds the Netmask for this context.

			array{string} DomainNameServers [readonly, optional]

				Holds the list of domain name servers for this

			string Gateway [readonly, optional]

				Holds the gateway IP for this connection.