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Referencing standards in the source

When referencing standard documents use raw numbers for 3GPP
documents or for ETSI document (eg: 23.040). If needing to
point to an specific section/subsection, explicitly say "Section foo"

3GPP specs can be found in

Core 3GPP Specifications

- 22.030: Man-Machine Interface (MMI) of the User Equipment (UE)

Describes the various supplementary service magic strings, how Abbreviated
Dialing Numbers are used and general UI interaction.  This spec is
particularly important for its description of how calls are put on hold,
transferred, swapped, etc.

- 22.038: Alphabets and Language Specific Information

Describes the GSM 7-bit character set, bit packing for SMS, CBS and USSD.
Also describes UCS2 and how it is encoded for SMS, CBS and USSD.

- 27.007: AT command set for User Equipment (UE)

Describes the AT command set for all GSM modems.  oFono atom driver APIs are
largely based on the AT commands defined in this document.

- 27.005: Short Message Service (SMS) & Cell Broadcast Service (CBS)

Describes the AT command set for SMS and CBS interaction.

- 23.040: Technical realization of the Short Message Service (SMS)

Describes the SMS service in detail, including the various PDUs, headers,
EMS messages, MWI messages and other aspects of SMS.

- 23.041: Technical realization of Cell Broadcast Service (CBS)

Describes the CBS service in detail, including the PDU structure, ETWS and
other aspects.

- 31.102: Characteristics of the (USIM) application

Describes the contents of the SIM, SIM initialization procedures, elementary
file permissions and formats.

- 31.111: Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) Application Toolkit (USAT)

Describes 3GPP specific aspects of Card Application Toolkit (CAT) / STK.

- 31.124: USAT conformance test specification

Describes the testing parameters and test cases for 31.111.

3GPP Specific Services

- 22.072: Call Deflection
- 22.081: Line Identification
- 22.082: Call Forwarding
- 22.083: Call Waiting and Call Hold
- 22.084: Multiparty (MPTY)
- 22.085: Closed User Group
- 22.086: Advice of Charge
- 22.088: Call Barring
- 22.090: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)
- 22.091: Explicit Call Transfer

ETSI Card Application Toolkit (Sim Toolkit)

- 102.223: Card Application Toolkit (CAT)

Describes the core functionality of CAT, but does not describe network
technology specific features (e.g. UMTS/CDMA).

- 102.384: Card Application Toolkit (CAT) conformance specification

Describes test methodology and test cases for 102.223.

Core 3GPP2 Specifications
- C.R1001-G: Administration of Parameter Value Assignments for cdma2000
	Spread Spectrum Standards - Release G

Describes the value of various parameters that defined in other specifications

- C.S0015-B: Short Message Service (SMS) for Wideband Spread Spectrum Systems

Describes the SMS service(include broadcast short message)in detail. providing
delivery of text and numeric information for paging, messaging, and voice mail

- C.S0023-D: Removable User Identity Module for Spread Spectrum Systems

Describes the contents of the R-UIM, R-UIM initialization procedures, functions,
commands, file architecture and the coding of elementary files.

- C.S0035-A: CDMA Card Application Toolkit (CCAT)

Describes the core functionality of CCAT.

- S.R0006-000 Wireless Features Description

Describes the general definitions and concepts of a subset of wireless features.

- S.R0006-100 Wireless Features Description: General Background and Assumptions

Describes the general background and assumption of wireless features.

3GPP2 Wireless Features Description
- S.R0006-501:	Call Delivery
- S.R0006-502:	Call Forwarding--Busy
- S.R0006-503:	Call Forwarding--Default
- S.R0006-504:	Call Forwarding--No Answer
- S.R0006-505:	Call Forwarding--Unconditional
- S.R0006-506:	Call Transfer
- S.R0006-507:	Call Waiting
- S.R0006-508:	Calling Number Identification Presentation
- S.R0006-509:	Calling Number Identification Restriction
- S.R0006-510:	Conference Calling
- S.R0006-511:	Do Not Disturb
- S.R0006-512:	Flexible Alerting
- S.R0006-513:	Message Waiting Notification
- S.R0006-514:	Mobile Access Hunting
- S.R0006-515:	Password Call Acceptance
- S.R0006-516:	Preferred Language
- S.R0006-517:	Priority Access and Channel Assignment
- S.R0006-518:	Remote Feature Control
- S.R0006-519:	Selective Call Acceptance
- S.R0006-520:	Subscriber PIN Access
- S.R0006-521:	Subscriber PIN Intercept
- S.R0006-522:	Three-Way Calling
- S.R0006-523:	Voice Message Retrieval
- S.R0006-524:	Voice Privacy
- S.R0006-525:	Asynchronous Data Service
- S.R0006-526:	Calling Name Presentation
- S.R0006-527:	Calling Name Restriction
- S.R0006-528:	Data Privacy
- S.R0006-529:	Emergency Services
- S.R0006-530:	Group 3 Facsimile Service
- S.R0006-531:	Network Directed System Selection
- S.R0006-532:	Non-Public Service Mode
- S.R0006-533:	Over-the-Air Service Provisioning
- S.R0006-534:	Service Negotiation
- S.R0006-535:	User Group
- S.R0006-536:	Group 3 Analog Facsimile Service
- S.R0006-601:	Short Message Delivery - Point-to-Point Bearer Service
- S.R0006-602:	Wireless Features Description: Wireless Messaging Teleservice
- S.R0006-603:	Wireless Features Description: Wireless Paging Teleservice
- S.R0006-701:	Wireless Features Description: Mobile Station Functionality
- S.R0006-801:	Wireless Features Description: System Functionality
- S.R0006-802:	Wireless Features Description: Subscriber Confidentiality
- S.R0006-803:	Wireless Features Description: Network Services
- S.R0006-804:	Wireless Features Description: Enhanced Security Services
- S.R0006-805:	Wireless Features Description: CDMA Packet Data Service
- S.R0006-806:	Wireless Features Description: Over-the-Air Parameter Administration
- S.R0006-807:	Wireless Features Description: Generic Broadcast Teleservice Transport
	Capability: Network Perspective
- S.R0006-808:	Wireless Features Description: Circuit Switched Call Precedence Over
	CDMA Packet Data Session