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MessageWaiting hierarchy

Service		org.ofono
Interface	org.ofono.MessageWaiting
Object path	[variable prefix]/{modem0,modem1,...}

Methods		dict GetProperties()

			Returns properties for the MessageWaiting object. See
			the properties section for available properties.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments

		void SetProperty(string property, variant value)

			Changes the value of the specified property. Only
			properties that are listed as read-write are
			changeable. On success a PropertyChanged signal
			will be emitted.

			Possible Errors: [service].Error.InvalidArguments

Signals		PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)

			This signal indicates a changed value of the given

Properties	boolean VoicemailWaiting [readonly]

			Boolean representing whether there is a voicemail
			message waiting for the user on the voicemail server.

		byte VoicemailMessageCount [readonly]

			The total number of voicemail messages waiting.
			Values of 255 indicate 255 messages or more.  Value
			0 when VoicemailWaiting is true indicates that the
			mailbox is not empty and the message count is not

		string VoicemailMailboxNumber [readwrite]

			String containing the dialing number to be used for
			voice mailbox access.  This number is generally
			pre-provisioned on the SIM.  However, the user can
			change this number if required.