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* Maxim DS3231 Real Time Clock

Required properties:
- compatible: Should contain "maxim,ds3231".
- reg: I2C address for chip.

Optional property:
- #clock-cells: Should be 1.
- clock-output-names:
  overwrite the default clock names "ds3231_clk_sqw" and "ds3231_clk_32khz".

Each clock is assigned an identifier and client nodes can use this identifier
to specify the clock which they consume. Following indices are allowed:
    - 0: square-wave output on the SQW pin
    - 1: square-wave output on the 32kHz pin

- interrupts: rtc alarm/event interrupt. When this property is selected,
  clock on the SQW pin cannot be used.


ds3231: ds3231@51 {
	compatible = "maxim,ds3231";
	reg = <0x68>;
	#clock-cells = <1>;

device1 {
	clocks = <&ds3231 0>;

device2 {
	clocks = <&ds3231 1>;