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Amlogic Internal Clock Measurer

The Amlogic SoCs contains an IP to measure the internal clocks.
The precision is multiple of MHz, useful to debug the clock states.

Required properties:
- compatible: Shall contain one of the following :
			"amlogic,meson-gx-clk-measure" for GX SoCs
			"amlogic,meson8-clk-measure" for Meson8 SoCs
			"amlogic,meson8b-clk-measure" for Meson8b SoCs
- reg: base address and size of the Clock Measurer register space.

	clock-measure@8758 {
		compatible = "amlogic,meson-gx-clk-measure";
		reg = <0x0 0x8758 0x0 0x10>;