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Marvell DSA Switch Device Tree Bindings

WARNING: This binding is currently unstable. Do not program it into a
FLASH never to be changed again. Once this binding is stable, this
warning will be removed.

If you need a stable binding, use the old dsa.txt binding.

Marvell Switches are MDIO devices. The following properties should be
placed as a child node of an mdio device.

The properties described here are those specific to Marvell devices.
Additional required and optional properties can be found in dsa.txt.

Required properties:
- compatible           : Should be one of "marvell,mv88e6085",
- reg                  : Address on the MII bus for the switch.

Optional properties:

- reset-gpios		: Should be a gpio specifier for a reset line


       mdio {
               #address-cells = <1>;
               #size-cells = <0>;

               switch0: switch@0 {
                       compatible = "marvell,mv88e6085";
                       reg = <0>;
		       reset-gpios = <&gpio5 1 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;