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/* Header file for IP tables userspace logging, Version 1.8
 * (C) 2000-2002 by Harald Welte <>
 * Distributed under the terms of GNU GPL */

#ifndef _IPT_ULOG_H
#define _IPT_ULOG_H

#define NETLINK_NFLOG 	5


#define ULOG_MAC_LEN	80
#define ULOG_PREFIX_LEN	32

#define ULOG_MAX_QLEN	50
/* Why 50? Well... there is a limit imposed by the slab cache 131000
 * bytes. So the multipart netlink-message has to be < 131000 bytes.
 * Assuming a standard ethernet-mtu of 1500, we could define this up
 * to 80... but even 50 seems to be big enough. */

/* private data structure for each rule with a ULOG target */
struct ipt_ulog_info {
	unsigned int nl_group;
	size_t copy_range;
	size_t qthreshold;
	char prefix[ULOG_PREFIX_LEN];

/* Format of the ULOG packets passed through netlink */
typedef struct ulog_packet_msg {
	unsigned long mark;
	long timestamp_sec;
	long timestamp_usec;
	unsigned int hook;
	char indev_name[IFNAMSIZ];
	char outdev_name[IFNAMSIZ];
	size_t data_len;
	char prefix[ULOG_PREFIX_LEN];
	unsigned char mac_len;
	unsigned char mac[ULOG_MAC_LEN];
	unsigned char payload[0];
} ulog_packet_msg_t;

#endif /*_IPT_ULOG_H*/