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            (c) Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2011
            All rights reserved and confidential information of CSR

            Refer to LICENSE.txt included with this source for details
            on the license terms.


 * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  FILE:     csr_wifi_hip_card_udi.c
 *      Maintain a list of callbacks to log UniFi exchanges to one or more
 *      debug/monitoring client applications.
 *      Just call the UDI driver log fn directly for now.
 *      When done properly, each open() on the UDI device will install
 *      a log function. We will call all log fns whenever a signal is written
 *      to or read form the UniFi.
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
#include <linux/seq_file.h>
#include "csr_wifi_hip_unifi.h"
#include "csr_wifi_hip_card.h"

static void unifi_print_unsafe_sdio_status(card_t *card, struct seq_file *m)
	s32 iostate;
	CsrResult r;
	static const char *const states[] = {
	u8 b;

	seq_printf(m, "Host State: %s\n", states[card->host_state]);

	r = unifi_check_io_status(card, &iostate);
	if (iostate == 1) {
		seq_puts(m, remaining, "I/O Check: F1 disabled\n");
        } else {
		if (iostate == 1) {
			seq_puts(m, "I/O Check: pending interrupt\n");

		seq_printf(m, "BH reason interrupt = %d\n", card->bh_reason_unifi);
		seq_printf(m, "BH reason host      = %d\n", card->bh_reason_host);

		for (i = 0; i < SHARED_READ_RETRY_LIMIT; i++) {
			r = unifi_read_8_or_16(card, card->sdio_ctrl_addr + 2, &b);
			if (r == CSR_RESULT_SUCCESS && !(b & 0x80)) {
				seq_printf(m, "fhsr: %u (driver thinks is %u)\n",
					   b, card->from_host_signals_r);

		iostate = unifi_read_shared_count(card, card->sdio_ctrl_addr + 4);
		seq_printf(m, "thsw: %u (driver thinks is %u)\n",
			   iostate, card->to_host_signals_w);

 * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *  unifi_print_status
 *      Print status info to given character buffer.
 *  Arguments:
 *      None.
 *  Returns:
 *      None.
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
s32 unifi_print_status(card_t *card, struct seq_file *m)
	sdio_config_data_t *cfg;
	u16 i, n;

	i = n = 0;
	seq_printf(m, "Chip ID %u\n", card->chip_id);
	seq_printf(m, "Chip Version %04X\n", card->chip_version);
	seq_printf(m, "HIP v%u.%u\n",
		   (card->config_data.version >> 8) & 0xFF,
		   card->config_data.version & 0xFF);
	seq_printf(m, "Build %u: %s\n", card->build_id, card->build_id_string);

	cfg = &card->config_data;

	seq_printf(m, "sdio ctrl offset          %u\n", cfg->sdio_ctrl_offset);
	seq_printf(m, "fromhost sigbuf handle    %u\n", cfg->fromhost_sigbuf_handle);
	seq_printf(m, "tohost_sigbuf_handle      %u\n", cfg->tohost_sigbuf_handle);
	seq_printf(m, "num_fromhost_sig_frags    %u\n", cfg->num_fromhost_sig_frags);
	seq_printf(m, "num_tohost_sig_frags      %u\n", cfg->num_tohost_sig_frags);
	seq_printf(m, "num_fromhost_data_slots   %u\n", cfg->num_fromhost_data_slots);
	seq_printf(m, "num_tohost_data_slots     %u\n", cfg->num_tohost_data_slots);
	seq_printf(m, "data_slot_size            %u\n", cfg->data_slot_size);

	/* Added by protocol version 0x0001 */
	seq_printf(m, "overlay_size              %u\n", cfg->overlay_size);

	/* Added by protocol version 0x0300 */
	seq_printf(m, "data_slot_round           %u\n", cfg->data_slot_round);
	seq_printf(m, "sig_frag_size             %u\n", cfg->sig_frag_size);

	/* Added by protocol version 0x0300 */
	seq_printf(m, "tohost_sig_pad            %u\n", cfg->tohost_signal_padding);

	seq_puts(m, "\nInternal state:\n");

	seq_printf(m, "Last PHY PANIC: %04x:%04x\n",
		   card->last_phy_panic_code, card->last_phy_panic_arg);
	seq_printf(m, "Last MAC PANIC: %04x:%04x\n",
		   card->last_mac_panic_code, card->last_mac_panic_arg);

	seq_printf(m, "fhsr: %hu\n", (u16)card->from_host_signals_r);
	seq_printf(m, "fhsw: %hu\n", (u16)card->from_host_signals_w);
	seq_printf(m, "thsr: %hu\n", (u16)card->to_host_signals_r);
	seq_printf(m, "thsw: %hu\n", (u16)card->to_host_signals_w);
	seq_printf(m, "fh buffer contains: %d signals, %td bytes\n",
		   card->fh_buffer.ptr - card->fh_buffer.buf);

	seq_puts(m, "paused: ");
	for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(card->tx_q_paused_flag); i++)
		seq_printf(m, card->tx_q_paused_flag[i] ? "1" : "0");
	seq_putc(m, '\n');

	seq_printf(m, "fh command q: %u waiting, %u free of %u:\n",

	for (i = 0; i < UNIFI_NO_OF_TX_QS; i++)
		seq_printf(m, "fh traffic q[%u]: %u waiting, %u free of %u:\n",

	seq_printf(m, "fh data slots free: %u\n",
		   card->from_host_data ? CardGetFreeFromHostDataSlots(card) : 0);

	seq_puts(m, "From host data slots:");
	n = card->config_data.num_fromhost_data_slots;
	for (i = 0; i < n && card->from_host_data; i++)
		seq_printf(m, " %hu", (u16)card->from_host_data[i].bd.data_length);
	seq_putc(m, '\n');

	seq_puts(m, "To host data slots:");
	n = card->config_data.num_tohost_data_slots;
	for (i = 0; i < n && card->to_host_data; i++)
		seq_printf(m, " %hu", (u16)card->to_host_data[i].data_length);
	seq_putc(m, '\n');

	unifi_print_unsafe_sdio_status(card, m);

	seq_puts(m, "\nStats:\n");
	seq_printf(m, "Total SDIO bytes: R=%u W=%u\n",
		   card->sdio_bytes_read, card->sdio_bytes_written);

	seq_printf(m, "Interrupts generated on card: %u\n", card->unifi_interrupt_seq);
	return 0;