Embedded Linux Experts

 * These are the type definitions for the architecture specific
 * syscall compatibility layer.


#include <linux/stat.h>
#include <linux/param.h>	/* for HZ */
#include <linux/sem.h>
#include <linux/socket.h>
#include <linux/if.h>

#include <asm/compat.h>
#include <asm/siginfo.h>
#include <asm/signal.h>

#define compat_jiffies_to_clock_t(x)	\
		(((unsigned long)(x) * COMPAT_USER_HZ) / HZ)

typedef __compat_uid32_t	compat_uid_t;
typedef __compat_gid32_t	compat_gid_t;

struct compat_sel_arg_struct;
struct rusage;

struct compat_itimerspec { 
	struct compat_timespec it_interval;
	struct compat_timespec it_value;

struct compat_utimbuf {
	compat_time_t		actime;
	compat_time_t		modtime;

struct compat_itimerval {
	struct compat_timeval	it_interval;
	struct compat_timeval	it_value;

struct compat_tms {
	compat_clock_t		tms_utime;
	compat_clock_t		tms_stime;
	compat_clock_t		tms_cutime;
	compat_clock_t		tms_cstime;

struct compat_timex {
	compat_uint_t modes;
	compat_long_t offset;
	compat_long_t freq;
	compat_long_t maxerror;
	compat_long_t esterror;
	compat_int_t status;
	compat_long_t constant;
	compat_long_t precision;
	compat_long_t tolerance;
	struct compat_timeval time;
	compat_long_t tick;
	compat_long_t ppsfreq;
	compat_long_t jitter;
	compat_int_t shift;
	compat_long_t stabil;
	compat_long_t jitcnt;
	compat_long_t calcnt;
	compat_long_t errcnt;
	compat_long_t stbcnt;
	compat_int_t tai;

	compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32;
	compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32;
	compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32; compat_int_t :32;


typedef struct {
	compat_sigset_word	sig[_COMPAT_NSIG_WORDS];
} compat_sigset_t;

extern int get_compat_timespec(struct timespec *, const struct compat_timespec __user *);
extern int put_compat_timespec(const struct timespec *, struct compat_timespec __user *);

struct compat_iovec {
	compat_uptr_t	iov_base;
	compat_size_t	iov_len;

struct compat_rlimit {
	compat_ulong_t	rlim_cur;
	compat_ulong_t	rlim_max;

struct compat_rusage {
	struct compat_timeval ru_utime;
	struct compat_timeval ru_stime;
	compat_long_t	ru_maxrss;
	compat_long_t	ru_ixrss;
	compat_long_t	ru_idrss;
	compat_long_t	ru_isrss;
	compat_long_t	ru_minflt;
	compat_long_t	ru_majflt;
	compat_long_t	ru_nswap;
	compat_long_t	ru_inblock;
	compat_long_t	ru_oublock;
	compat_long_t	ru_msgsnd;
	compat_long_t	ru_msgrcv;
	compat_long_t	ru_nsignals;
	compat_long_t	ru_nvcsw;
	compat_long_t	ru_nivcsw;

extern int put_compat_rusage(const struct rusage *, struct compat_rusage __user *);

struct compat_siginfo;

extern asmlinkage long compat_sys_waitid(int, compat_pid_t,
		struct compat_siginfo __user *, int,
		struct compat_rusage __user *);

struct compat_dirent {
	u32		d_ino;
	compat_off_t	d_off;
	u16		d_reclen;
	char		d_name[256];

struct compat_ustat {
	compat_daddr_t		f_tfree;
	compat_ino_t		f_tinode;
	char			f_fname[6];
	char			f_fpack[6];

typedef union compat_sigval {
	compat_int_t	sival_int;
	compat_uptr_t	sival_ptr;
} compat_sigval_t;

#define COMPAT_SIGEV_PAD_SIZE	((SIGEV_MAX_SIZE/sizeof(int)) - 3)

typedef struct compat_sigevent {
	compat_sigval_t sigev_value;
	compat_int_t sigev_signo;
	compat_int_t sigev_notify;
	union {
		compat_int_t _pad[COMPAT_SIGEV_PAD_SIZE];
		compat_int_t _tid;

		struct {
			compat_uptr_t _function;
			compat_uptr_t _attribute;
		} _sigev_thread;
	} _sigev_un;
} compat_sigevent_t;

struct compat_ifmap {
	compat_ulong_t mem_start;
	compat_ulong_t mem_end;
	unsigned short base_addr;
	unsigned char irq;
	unsigned char dma;
	unsigned char port;

struct compat_if_settings
	unsigned int type;	/* Type of physical device or protocol */
	unsigned int size;	/* Size of the data allocated by the caller */
	compat_uptr_t ifs_ifsu;	/* union of pointers */

struct compat_ifreq {
	union {
		char	ifrn_name[IFNAMSIZ];    /* if name, e.g. "en0" */
	} ifr_ifrn;
	union {
		struct	sockaddr ifru_addr;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_dstaddr;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_broadaddr;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_netmask;
		struct	sockaddr ifru_hwaddr;
		short	ifru_flags;
		compat_int_t	ifru_ivalue;
		compat_int_t	ifru_mtu;
		struct	compat_ifmap ifru_map;
		char	ifru_slave[IFNAMSIZ];   /* Just fits the size */
		char	ifru_newname[IFNAMSIZ];
		compat_caddr_t	ifru_data;
		struct	compat_if_settings ifru_settings;
	} ifr_ifru;

struct compat_ifconf {
        compat_int_t	ifc_len;                        /* size of buffer       */
        compat_caddr_t  ifcbuf;

struct compat_robust_list {
	compat_uptr_t			next;

struct compat_robust_list_head {
	struct compat_robust_list	list;
	compat_long_t			futex_offset;
	compat_uptr_t			list_op_pending;

extern void compat_exit_robust_list(struct task_struct *curr);

asmlinkage long
compat_sys_set_robust_list(struct compat_robust_list_head __user *head,
			   compat_size_t len);
asmlinkage long
compat_sys_get_robust_list(int pid, compat_uptr_t __user *head_ptr,
			   compat_size_t __user *len_ptr);

long compat_sys_semctl(int first, int second, int third, void __user *uptr);
long compat_sys_msgsnd(int first, int second, int third, void __user *uptr);
long compat_sys_msgrcv(int first, int second, int msgtyp, int third,
		int version, void __user *uptr);
long compat_sys_msgctl(int first, int second, void __user *uptr);
long compat_sys_shmat(int first, int second, compat_uptr_t third, int version,
		void __user *uptr);
long compat_sys_shmctl(int first, int second, void __user *uptr);
long compat_sys_semtimedop(int semid, struct sembuf __user *tsems,
		unsigned nsems, const struct compat_timespec __user *timeout);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_keyctl(u32 option,
			      u32 arg2, u32 arg3, u32 arg4, u32 arg5);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_ustat(unsigned dev, struct compat_ustat __user *u32);

asmlinkage ssize_t compat_sys_readv(unsigned long fd,
		const struct compat_iovec __user *vec, unsigned long vlen);
asmlinkage ssize_t compat_sys_writev(unsigned long fd,
		const struct compat_iovec __user *vec, unsigned long vlen);
asmlinkage ssize_t compat_sys_preadv(unsigned long fd,
		const struct compat_iovec __user *vec,
		unsigned long vlen, u32 pos_low, u32 pos_high);
asmlinkage ssize_t compat_sys_pwritev(unsigned long fd,
		const struct compat_iovec __user *vec,
		unsigned long vlen, u32 pos_low, u32 pos_high);

int compat_do_execve(char * filename, compat_uptr_t __user *argv,
	        compat_uptr_t __user *envp, struct pt_regs * regs);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_select(int n, compat_ulong_t __user *inp,
		compat_ulong_t __user *outp, compat_ulong_t __user *exp,
		struct compat_timeval __user *tvp);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_old_select(struct compat_sel_arg_struct __user *arg);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_wait4(compat_pid_t pid,
				 compat_uint_t __user *stat_addr, int options,
				 struct compat_rusage __user *ru);

#define BITS_PER_COMPAT_LONG    (8*sizeof(compat_long_t))

#define BITS_TO_COMPAT_LONGS(bits) \

long compat_get_bitmap(unsigned long *mask, const compat_ulong_t __user *umask,
		       unsigned long bitmap_size);
long compat_put_bitmap(compat_ulong_t __user *umask, unsigned long *mask,
		       unsigned long bitmap_size);
int copy_siginfo_from_user32(siginfo_t *to, struct compat_siginfo __user *from);
int copy_siginfo_to_user32(struct compat_siginfo __user *to, siginfo_t *from);
int get_compat_sigevent(struct sigevent *event,
		const struct compat_sigevent __user *u_event);
long compat_sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo(compat_pid_t tgid, compat_pid_t pid, int sig,
				  struct compat_siginfo __user *uinfo);

static inline int compat_timeval_compare(struct compat_timeval *lhs,
					struct compat_timeval *rhs)
	if (lhs->tv_sec < rhs->tv_sec)
		return -1;
	if (lhs->tv_sec > rhs->tv_sec)
		return 1;
	return lhs->tv_usec - rhs->tv_usec;

static inline int compat_timespec_compare(struct compat_timespec *lhs,
					struct compat_timespec *rhs)
	if (lhs->tv_sec < rhs->tv_sec)
		return -1;
	if (lhs->tv_sec > rhs->tv_sec)
		return 1;
	return lhs->tv_nsec - rhs->tv_nsec;

extern int get_compat_itimerspec(struct itimerspec *dst,
				 const struct compat_itimerspec __user *src);
extern int put_compat_itimerspec(struct compat_itimerspec __user *dst,
				 const struct itimerspec *src);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_gettimeofday(struct compat_timeval __user *tv,
		struct timezone __user *tz);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_settimeofday(struct compat_timeval __user *tv,
		struct timezone __user *tz);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_adjtimex(struct compat_timex __user *utp);

extern int compat_printk(const char *fmt, ...);
extern void sigset_from_compat(sigset_t *set, compat_sigset_t *compat);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_migrate_pages(compat_pid_t pid,
		compat_ulong_t maxnode, const compat_ulong_t __user *old_nodes,
		const compat_ulong_t __user *new_nodes);

extern int compat_ptrace_request(struct task_struct *child,
				 compat_long_t request,
				 compat_ulong_t addr, compat_ulong_t data);

extern long compat_arch_ptrace(struct task_struct *child, compat_long_t request,
			       compat_ulong_t addr, compat_ulong_t data);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_ptrace(compat_long_t request, compat_long_t pid,
				  compat_long_t addr, compat_long_t data);

 * epoll (fs/eventpoll.c) compat bits follow ...
struct epoll_event;
#define compat_epoll_event	epoll_event
asmlinkage long compat_sys_epoll_pwait(int epfd,
			struct compat_epoll_event __user *events,
			int maxevents, int timeout,
			const compat_sigset_t __user *sigmask,
			compat_size_t sigsetsize);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_utimensat(unsigned int dfd, const char __user *filename,
				struct compat_timespec __user *t, int flags);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_signalfd(int ufd,
				const compat_sigset_t __user *sigmask,
                                compat_size_t sigsetsize);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_timerfd_settime(int ufd, int flags,
				   const struct compat_itimerspec __user *utmr,
				   struct compat_itimerspec __user *otmr);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_timerfd_gettime(int ufd,
				   struct compat_itimerspec __user *otmr);

asmlinkage long compat_sys_move_pages(pid_t pid, unsigned long nr_page,
				      __u32 __user *pages,
				      const int __user *nodes,
				      int __user *status,
				      int flags);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_futimesat(unsigned int dfd, const char __user *filename,
				     struct compat_timeval __user *t);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_newfstatat(unsigned int dfd, const char __user * filename,
				      struct compat_stat __user *statbuf,
				      int flag);
asmlinkage long compat_sys_openat(unsigned int dfd, const char __user *filename,
				  int flags, int mode);

extern ssize_t compat_rw_copy_check_uvector(int type,
		const struct compat_iovec __user *uvector, unsigned long nr_segs,
		unsigned long fast_segs, struct iovec *fast_pointer,
		struct iovec **ret_pointer);

extern void __user *compat_alloc_user_space(unsigned long len);

#endif /* CONFIG_COMPAT */
#endif /* _LINUX_COMPAT_H */