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 * OMAP Voltage Management Routines
 * Author: Thara Gopinath	<>
 * Copyright (C) 2009 Texas Instruments, Inc.
 * Thara Gopinath <>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.


#include <linux/err.h>

#include <linux/platform_data/voltage-omap.h>

#include "vc.h"
#include "vp.h"

struct powerdomain;

 * OMAP3 GENERIC setup times. Revisit to see if these needs to be
 * passed from board or PMIC file
#define OMAP3_CLKSETUP		0xff
#define OMAP3_VOLTOFFSET	0xff
#define OMAP3_VOLTSETUP2	0xff

 * struct omap_vfsm_instance - per-voltage manager FSM register/bitfield
 * data
 * @voltsetup_mask: SETUP_TIME* bitmask in the PRM_VOLTSETUP* register
 * @voltsetup_reg: register offset of PRM_VOLTSETUP from PRM base
 * @voltsetup_off_reg: register offset of PRM_VOLTSETUP_OFF from PRM base
struct omap_vfsm_instance {
	u32 voltsetup_mask;
	u8 voltsetup_reg;
	u8 voltsetup_off_reg;

 * struct voltagedomain - omap voltage domain global structure.
 * @name: Name of the voltage domain which can be used as a unique identifier.
 * @scalable: Whether or not this voltage domain is scalable
 * @node: list_head linking all voltage domains
 * @vc: pointer to VC channel associated with this voltagedomain
 * @vp: pointer to VP associated with this voltagedomain
 * @read: read a VC/VP register
 * @write: write a VC/VP register
 * @read: read-modify-write a VC/VP register
 * @sys_clk: system clock name/frequency, used for various timing calculations
 * @scale: function used to scale the voltage of the voltagedomain
 * @nominal_volt: current nominal voltage for this voltage domain
 * @volt_data: voltage table having the distinct voltages supported
 *             by the domain and other associated per voltage data.
struct voltagedomain {
	char *name;
	bool scalable;
	struct list_head node;
	struct omap_vc_channel *vc;
	const struct omap_vfsm_instance *vfsm;
	struct omap_vp_instance *vp;
	struct omap_voltdm_pmic *pmic;
	struct omap_vp_param *vp_param;
	struct omap_vc_param *vc_param;

	/* VC/VP register access functions: SoC specific */
	u32 (*read) (u8 offset);
	void (*write) (u32 val, u8 offset);
	u32 (*rmw)(u32 mask, u32 bits, u8 offset);

	union {
		const char *name;
		u32 rate;
	} sys_clk;

	int (*scale) (struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
		      unsigned long target_volt);

	u32 nominal_volt;
	struct omap_volt_data *volt_data;

/* Min and max voltages from OMAP perspective */
#define OMAP3430_VP1_VLIMITTO_VDDMIN	850000
#define OMAP3430_VP1_VLIMITTO_VDDMAX	1425000
#define OMAP3430_VP2_VLIMITTO_VDDMIN	900000
#define OMAP3430_VP2_VLIMITTO_VDDMAX	1150000

#define OMAP3630_VP1_VLIMITTO_VDDMIN	900000
#define OMAP3630_VP1_VLIMITTO_VDDMAX	1350000
#define OMAP3630_VP2_VLIMITTO_VDDMIN	900000
#define OMAP3630_VP2_VLIMITTO_VDDMAX	1200000


 * struct omap_voltdm_pmic - PMIC specific data required by voltage driver.
 * @slew_rate:	PMIC slew rate (in uv/us)
 * @step_size:	PMIC voltage step size (in uv)
 * @i2c_slave_addr: I2C slave address of PMIC
 * @volt_reg_addr: voltage configuration register address
 * @cmd_reg_addr: command (on, on-LP, ret, off) configuration register address
 * @i2c_high_speed: whether VC uses I2C high-speed mode to PMIC
 * @i2c_mcode: master code value for I2C high-speed preamble transmission
 * @vsel_to_uv:	PMIC API to convert vsel value to actual voltage in uV.
 * @uv_to_vsel:	PMIC API to convert voltage in uV to vsel value.
struct omap_voltdm_pmic {
	int slew_rate;
	int step_size;
	u16 i2c_slave_addr;
	u16 volt_reg_addr;
	u16 cmd_reg_addr;
	u8 vp_erroroffset;
	u8 vp_vstepmin;
	u8 vp_vstepmax;
	u32 vddmin;
	u32 vddmax;
	u8 vp_timeout_us;
	bool i2c_high_speed;
	u32 i2c_pad_load;
	u8 i2c_mcode;
	unsigned long (*vsel_to_uv) (const u8 vsel);
	u8 (*uv_to_vsel) (unsigned long uV);

struct omap_vp_param {
	u32 vddmax;
	u32 vddmin;

struct omap_vc_param {
	u32 on;
	u32 onlp;
	u32 ret;
	u32 off;

void omap_voltage_get_volttable(struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
		struct omap_volt_data **volt_data);
struct omap_volt_data *omap_voltage_get_voltdata(struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
		unsigned long volt);
int omap_voltage_register_pmic(struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
			       struct omap_voltdm_pmic *pmic);
int omap_voltage_late_init(void);

extern void omap2xxx_voltagedomains_init(void);
extern void omap3xxx_voltagedomains_init(void);
extern void omap44xx_voltagedomains_init(void);
extern void omap54xx_voltagedomains_init(void);

struct voltagedomain *voltdm_lookup(const char *name);
void voltdm_init(struct voltagedomain **voltdm_list);
int voltdm_add_pwrdm(struct voltagedomain *voltdm, struct powerdomain *pwrdm);
int voltdm_scale(struct voltagedomain *voltdm, unsigned long target_volt);
void voltdm_reset(struct voltagedomain *voltdm);
unsigned long voltdm_get_voltage(struct voltagedomain *voltdm);