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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */


#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/irqflags-arcv2.h>
#include <asm/thread_info.h>	/* For THREAD_SIZE */

.macro INTERRUPT_PROLOGUE	called_from

	; Before jumping to Interrupt Vector, hardware micro-ops did following:
	;   1. SP auto-switched to kernel mode stack
	;   2. STATUS32.Z flag set to U mode at time of interrupt (U:1, K:0)
	;   3. Auto saved: r0-r11, blink, LPE,LPS,LPC, JLI,LDI,EI, PC, STAT32
	; Now manually save: r12, sp, fp, gp, r25

	PUSH	r59
	PUSH	r58

	PUSH	r30
	PUSH	r12

	; Saving pt_regs->sp correctly requires some extra work due to the way
	; Auto stack switch works
	;  - U mode: retrieve it from AUX_USER_SP
	;  - K mode: add the offset from current SP where H/w starts auto push
	; Utilize the fact that Z bit is set if Intr taken in U mode	r9, sp	r9, r9, SZ_PT_REGS - PT_sp - 4
	bnz	1f

	lr	r9, [AUX_USER_SP]
	PUSH	r9	; SP

	PUSH	fp
	PUSH	gp

	PUSH	r25			; user_r25
	sub	sp, sp, 4

.ifnc \called_from, exception
	sub	sp, sp, 12	; BTA/ECR/orig_r0 placeholder per pt_regs


.macro INTERRUPT_EPILOGUE	called_from

.ifnc \called_from, exception
	add	sp, sp, 12	; skip BTA/ECR/orig_r0 placeholderss

	POP	r25
	add	sp, sp, 4

	POP	gp
	POP	fp

	; Don't touch AUX_USER_SP if returning to K mode (Z bit set)
	; (Z bit set on K mode is inverse of INTERRUPT_PROLOGUE)
	add.z	sp, sp, 4
	bz	1f

	POP	r12
	POP	r30

	POP	r58
	POP	r59



	; Before jumping to Exception Vector, hardware micro-ops did following:
	;   1. SP auto-switched to kernel mode stack
	;   2. STATUS32.Z flag set to U mode at time of interrupt (U:1,K:0)
	; Now manually save the complete reg file

	PUSH	r9		; freeup a register: slot of erstatus

	PUSHAX	eret
	sub	sp, sp, 12	; skip JLI, LDI, EI
	PUSH	lp_count
	PUSHAX	lp_start
	PUSHAX	lp_end
	PUSH	blink

	PUSH	r11
	PUSH	r10	r9,  [sp, 10]	; load stashed r9 (status32 stack slot)
	lr	r10, [erstatus]	r10, [sp, 10]	; save status32 at it's right stack slot

	PUSH	r9
	PUSH	r8
	PUSH	r7
	PUSH	r6
	PUSH	r5
	PUSH	r4
	PUSH	r3
	PUSH	r2
	PUSH	r1
	PUSH	r0

	; -- for interrupts, regs above are auto-saved by h/w in that order --
	; Now do what ISR prologue does (manually save r12, sp, fp, gp, r25)
	; Set Z flag if this was from U mode (expected by INTERRUPT_PROLOGUE)
	; Although H/w exception micro-ops do set Z flag for U mode (just like
	; for interrupts), it could get clobbered in case we soft land here from
	; a TLB Miss exception handler (tlbex.S)

	and	r10, r10, STATUS_U_MASK
	xor.f	0, r10, STATUS_U_MASK


	PUSHAX	erbta
	PUSHAX	ecr		; r9 contains ECR, expected by EV_Trap

	PUSH	r0		; orig_r0


	; Assumes r0 has PT_status32
	btst   r0, STATUS_U_BIT	; Z flag set if K, used in INTERRUPT_EPILOGUE

	add	sp, sp, 8	; orig_r0/ECR don't need restoring
	POPAX	erbta


	POP	r0
	POP	r1
	POP	r2
	POP	r3
	POP	r4
	POP	r5
	POP	r6
	POP	r7
	POP	r8
	POP	r9
	POP	r10
	POP	r11

	POP	blink
	POPAX	lp_end
	POPAX	lp_start

	POP	r9
	mov	lp_count, r9

	add	sp, sp, 12	; skip JLI, LDI, EI
	POPAX	eret
	POPAX	erstatus	r9, [sp, -12]	; reload r9 which got clobbered

	lr      r9, [status32]
	or      r9, r9, STATUS_IE_MASK
	kflag   r9

/* Get thread_info of "current" tsk */
	bmskn \reg, sp, THREAD_SHIFT - 1

/* Get CPU-ID of this core */
.macro  GET_CPU_ID  reg
	lr  \reg, [identity]
	xbfu \reg, \reg, 0xE8	/* 00111    01000 */
				/* M = 8-1  N = 8 */